Operation Sock Drawer

Operation Sock Drawer

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Inspired by the gorgeous sock drawers of Susan B. Anderson, Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls podcast started the hashtag #operationsockdrawer in an effort to knit a collection of socks just as photo worthy. Tens of thousands of knitters have since joined the campaign to knit more pretty socks and the hashtag has grown to more than 200k tags on social media.
Think of Operation Sock Drawer as your sock knitting survival guide. In it you'll find:
• 20 original designer sock patterns
• Great how-to information on knitting a variety of toe shapes, heel styles, options for comfortable ankles, and more!
Darn it! Don't toss old socks, repair them with simple techniques.
Bonus information on knitting socks two at a time, how to make great yarn to pattern matches, and how to overcome second sock syndrome.

Softcover | 143 pages | © 2020

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