Noble Cotton

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Noble Cotton is a durable, smooth and luminescent yarn. Created from 100% mercerized long staple cotton. Its processing boosts the fibers' strength, shrink- age resistance, colour depth and luster. An ideal yarn for luxe every day garments and accessories, it is also one of the approved yarns for Knitted Knockers!

Yardage: 220 yds (200 m) | 100 g

Weight: Worsted

Gauge: 24 - 24 sts with 3.75 - 4mm needle

Fibre Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Put Up: Skein - wind into a ball prior to use.

Garment Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Knitted Knockers Pattern

The pattern for knitted knockers has been graciously provided by and can be downloaded for free here:

What is Mercerized Cotton?

Mercerized cotton is cotton which has been treated to improve the cotton's strength, luster, and dyeability. Mercerized cotton is also more absorbent than regular cotton, making it a popular choice for towels and other absorbent textiles. The treatment can be applied to both woven and knitted cotton fabrics.

Mercerized cotton is often used in high-end apparel and luxury bedding because of its smooth feel and lustrous sheen. It is also used in embroidery floss, as the mercerization process gives the thread a glossy appearance and increased strength.

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