Service Interruptions

So several weeks ago, maybe a few months now, I was informed by the company that hosts my website that there would be upgrades made to the servers but that there would be no service interruption to either my website or email.


True to their word, the servers were upgraded and as far as I know, there was no downtime for my website and my email continued to arrive and be delivered. If you’ve ever worked in IT, you’ll know that it’s really easy for this kind of upgrade to go completely off the rails so I was really pleased when it appeared to have worked with no problems.


But then I needed to made an update to my website. So I logged in and went looking for the software I use (I access it through their cloud). It wasn’t there. Sensing that there might be a bit of a service interruption after all, I sent a help ticket asking about it.


The response was very quick and indicated that the software I had been using was buggy (I knew that) and that they had moved to a new tool (never good news) which would be available shortly (yikes – not available right now) and the website that I had could not be ported to the new platform so I would have to build a new one (groan).


Now a new website was actually something I had been considering, so I simply moved that from long range to short range planning. Learning to use a new tool though…that was something else. I’ve been working at this off and on for several weeks now and I’m pretty experienced at using this kind of software. But this has been a challenge. There have been some pretty frustrating days but need is a powerful motivator.


I’m delighted to finally have a new site up and running – I hope you enjoy it.